Why Cruise Planners?

(Transcribed from an interview with current clients Joe and Martha)

I feel like cruise planners made the whole experience. They decreased anxiety for me for our trip. Their knowledge helped me prepare. I’m a planner, so I like to know what’s happening and be in control. They helped put me be at ease with the planning of the trip.

Knowing what to expect and doing the best that I can to prepare for this trip, because it was a big trip. We were at some point we were five hours different time zone from our kids back at home.

From day one cruise planners were very forthcoming with information. They didn’t try to hide anything. They didn’t try to tack on things that we didn’t know was happening. We told them what our expectations were for the trip, and they helped us meet that.

I’d say working with Mike and Jenifer, they’re able to provide insight that we just didn’t understand or didn’t know about the trip. They stay with you the entire trip so they would ask how we were doing, and if we got to our next destination. They brought up things like, travel insurance that a lot of people don’t think about before they take a trip, so it’s definitely worth getting.

I will say cruise planners also kept us on track with planning like we needed to have for this big trip. For example, excursions booked by a certain date and time. We needed to book airfare by a certain date and time. They they kept us on target and on track.

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