Create Your Own Dream Tour

Let Us Know Where You Would Like To Go

Customize Your Own Private Group Tour

     “Do you have family members, friends or even co-workers where you would like to take a tour with just them and no one else? Also, create you own destination and excursions?”

Then let’s talk about creating a custom specialized tour just for you!


Benefits of a Custom Tour:

  • Choose Any Destination in the World (There is no limit to where we can go!)

  • Choose your own length (From 1 week to months in length, truly no limitations.)

  • Choose your type of trip: On Land, At Sea or a Mix of Both (For example, you can book a trip into your beginning destination city, Cologne, Germany, where you spend 3 nights. Then, you would jump onto a river cruise on the Rhine River for 5-7 days; that would take you down to Zurich, Switzerland. Once you disembark in Zurich, you can then spend another 3-4 nights in the city before heading back home.)

  • Customize it to your own budget

  • No unknown individuals on the trip with you. (Only be people you choose to go on the trip with you.)

  • Receive All the Benefits of Having a Personal Tour Host and a Travel Advisor to help with anything that may come up along the way.

“Create a once in a lifetime adventure!”