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1.   South Africa drops all Covid restrictions!

Another country opens up and we are getting back to normal travels again more and more around the world.

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2.   Europe will be adding a small visitor fee in 2023.

Yes, you read that right. There will be a fee when you travel to Europe starting in May of 2023. Don’t let this deter you on traveling it is a very small fee under $8 and they say it will be an instant approval. They are not the first ones to add a small fee but remember that we are here as your travel advisors to help you out every step of the way. We will make it easy and simple to go through this process.

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3. Looking to tips on a luxury get away to the Maldives?

It is on everyone’s bucket list to go to Maldives. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

If you are looking for an amazing getaway this year please let us know and we would love to help you knock Maldives off your bucket list.

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1. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Returns to Walt Disney World Resort for 2023!

Disney is still celebrating its 50 year Anniversary and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is back for the celebration! The celebrations will be over a month long and too many activities to list here so please visit Disney’s Blog for full details.

Just a reminder we are your Disney Experts! We know the park well and can assist you in all your Disney needs with tickets, resorts, transportation and much more. Visit our Disney site for all things Disney (Click Here)

2.Disney’s newest Cruise ship “Wish” arrive in Port Canaveral this week

Disney always does everything to the top level and they have done it again with their newest cruise ship Wish. The ship will start cruising on the open sea in Mid-July and will be making stops each time at its private island, Castaway Cay.

Don’t miss out on a chance to sail on a brand-new ship and have the world class of Disney as well. Reach out to us for more details on upcoming itineraries to set sail this year!

Source: Travel Weekly

3. All Disney Resort Hotels Open Again

Another very promising shift away from all the shutdowns we have had in the past couple years; with everything opening back up in the world of travel. Disney World has now opened all their resorts back up for guests!

We are your Disney experts so check out all the details on Disney World here and let us know how we can help you make unforgettable memories for you and your family.

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1. You have food allergies? Carnival Cruise lines has you covered!

Carnival deploys “Menu Mate” food ingredient program fleetwide for all guests who have special dietary needs. Our travel host, Dan, is most excited for this since he has a peanut allergy himself. It’s great to see more and more companies aware of food allergies and doing great things to help make everyone feel safe.

Source from Cruise Industry News

2. MSC and Seabourn have all cruise ships back in service

More exciting news on the cruising front of more ships coming back into service. MSC is one of our favorite cruise liners along with Seabourn. They both offer amazing service and unforgettable trips.

If you are looking to book a cruise, please let us know. We are more than happy to help you book your next trip and excursions! (Click here to look up future cruises)

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3. Could you imagine spending your retirement on a cruise ship full time? Well, this couple plans to try it out.

Couple Plans to Spend Their Retirement Years on Cruise Ships Because It’s Cheaper Than a Mortgage.

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1.  A summer of flight disruptions is expected in the U.S. and Europe

We have been hearing a lot about flight delays and cancellations due to staff shortages. It seems will have to endure it at least through the summer but maybe through the end of this year as well.

One of the best ways to handle these disruptions if they happen to you on a trip is by using a travel advisor who can help you re-book and take care of any other needs that come up.

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2. Many US cities will be hosting 2026 World Cup games all over the country.

The American cities will be Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.

For full details and all other cities who will be hosting World Cup matches visit

3. Ready to take a break on the beach and head to Bermuda?

Well American Airlines is making the trip a whole lot easier with adding back their direct flight from New York to Bermuda on a daily service.

So, book your getaway now!

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