Top 5 Travel Tips to Become Less Stressful this Holiday Season


Book Now!

It seems like pricing keeps changing minute by minute but once you find the flights you want, best to just go ahead and book now. This will guarantee you a seat on the time you want and give you less stress about the price of the ticket over time. If possible, plan and book as early as possible.


Travel on Off Days (Avoid the busy travel days)

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, the days before and after each day are the busiest days of air travel. Prices will usually be higher due to the high demand. So best to maybe fly on the actual holiday or give yourself an extra day or 2 on each side of the Holiday. This may give you more time with your friends and family.


Always give yourself more time then needed when traveling around

We are getting into winter season, and we will see a lot more delays when flying. The weather is always a factor and staffing has been a recent factor as well. Booking direct flights is the best way to avoid most delays but if not possible, then give yourself more than an hour or two in-between your flights. Don’t try to rush your travels or connects inside the airport, having to run from one get to another.

Due to higher demand this year for traveling, keep in mind the security check point lines by giving yourself extra time at the airport to get to your gate. Always go to airport at least an hour earlier then you would normally be due to the demand.


Pack like an expert

A good challenge would be to travel without checking any bags! I know this may be a crazy statement for some of you but it’s actually a lot simpler than you think and a lot less stress when traveling. You won’t have to worry if your bags will make a tight connection or wasting time at the baggage claim carousal. Just take your one carry-on roller bag and your personal item that you will be able to take on the airplane for free. The best personal item to take on a plane for me is a big backpack to where you can put a purse in it if needed and any other items you may get in the airport or bringing back home.


Expect and Plan for the Worst

There are lots of things that can always go wrong when traveling and flying around but if you think of all the scenarios before your trip starts then you will much more prepared to handle the situation when it comes up.

To best plan for trip cancelations, baggage delays or damaged baggage, or if you or anyone in your party gets sick, is by getting Travel Insurance. The travel insurance will help you with any reimbursements but also have a contact to help you with any rebooking’s or how to handle the situation you are in at the time.

Please reach out to Mike or Jenifer to get travel insurance or if you have any questions about travel insurance.


We all wish you a safe and fun Holiday Season! Safe Travels, Daniel Cope

Source: Travel Pulse