0:20 – What’s App
0:49 – Facebook Messenger
1:33 – Apple Provider
2:31 – Google Hangouts
2:45 – Skype
3:53 – Bonus Tip – Your Cell Phone Provider
4:54 – Biggest Tip!!

Top 5 favorite apps to use while overseas!

(Links to Apps in parentheses)

1. WhatsApp (Apple App Store / Android App Store)

WhatsApp is used internationally in places like South America. They use this app over texting. With WhatsApp you can call text and anybody over Wi-Fi back home as long as the other person as the app as well. So, a lot of my friends and family have the app. As well, like most of these apps, that way if I want to communicate or need to get a hold of somebody, you can through the WhatsApp.

2. Facebook Messenger (Apple App Store / Android App Store)

If you have Wi-Fi and you have connectivity, you can use Facebook Messenger which is helpful when you are in the hotel room or around the lobby. Most people already have this app or use facebook online so they have ability to talk with you on Messenger. Another bonus is, in case you’ve never done it before, you can make calls on Facebook Messenger as well. I’ve done a lot of calls that way, and most people have the app on their phone already.

3. iPhone iMessage (No need to download anything)

Another great tool is if you have an Apple iPhone, sorry Droid users this does not work for you, you can use iMessage built into their system. When you message someone, sometimes you can see the text come through in different colors.

  • Blue Message = iMessage
  • Green Message = Regular Text Message

You don’t have to have Wi-Fi in another country just need to have cell service. I found this out when I was in Japan on a bullet train. Heading to the other part of town and I was able to get a text from my business partner. I surprised then I realized that iMessage difference from regular text messages since we both had iPhones. Now if you want to make phone calls or send regular text messages, then it would usually be an extra cost

4. Google Hangouts – Google Chat (Apple App Store / Android App Store)

I’ve never personally used Google Hangouts but it is getting very popular and rather easy to use. You can make phone calls and send messages in the app. Send messages back and forth and it’s all through Wi-Fi connectivity.

5. Skype (Apple App Store / Android App Store)

Skype, at least to me, is the original way to communicate over the internet no matter where you are at in the world. I still have the Skype app on my phone. It’s not something I use all the time, but it’s a great back up app. It works over internet connectivity for free. As an example, I was in Prague and I wanted to make a phone call to a restaurant. I can use Skype to call the restaurant instead of using my cell phone service provider. The app has always worked really well for me and is very trusty.

Those are my top five messaging apps that I’ve used overseas. Most people use these because they are all free services.

**Bonus Tip**

It’s usually not free, but you could always use an international plan on your cell phone. Your cell phone provider will have this capability on your service. You will have to configure some settings on your phone and make sure it’s ready to receive and give internationals calls when not in the United States. If you’ve never done it before, the best thing is get online, do a chat talk with customer support and they will be very helpful on getting your phone setup before you leave. I definitely have used my phone extensively overseas, even data maps and things when I’ve driven around.

Sometimes your phone plan will include international calling or texting so it won’t cost any extra money to use the networks overseas. Most of the time you’re paying for the international service calls by the minute or per text. So a lot of times if you’re going to call somebody, wait till you get the hotel room so you have Wi-Fi, use some of these other free apps. But if you’re ever in a bind and you really need to call someone, you can use your phone.

Alright, everybody. Hope you enjoyed. This video, probably my biggest tip after this, use a few of these apps. Download a couple of these apps just in case one of them isn’t working properly and you can still have access to reach someone overseas.

I hope you enjoyed the video and reach out to me with any questions or app suggestions! Thanks, Daniel Cope