Review and How We Can Take Action being “The Last Tourist”

(Available on Hulu)

I watched the movie, “The Last Tourist”, on my flight coming back from London and it’s very eye opening but also inspiring of what is going on around the world with the increase in tourism. As a Tourist we have the ability to shape and affect the world around us when we travel. We have an option when we travel to either contribute to organizations or businesses that are doing the wrong thing or we can choose to go with the individuals and organizations who are doing the right thing for their community and the world.

This movie shows you the rougher and bad side of tourism with the greed and cruelty that is fueled by tourist who doesn’t know exactly what might be happening to these animals, kids or communities by the chooses they are making when they think they are doing good or having an experience you can’t have anywhere else in the world.

I would like to challenge you to “Take Action” with me by supporting organizations who are doing the right think along with educating ourselves we free courses that have been offered by Sustainable Tourism. *Sustainable Tourism: Rethinking the future & *Sustainable Tourism: Society & Environmental Aspects. I am looking forward to learning and educating myself to be a better tourist and passing on this information and knowledge to all our travelers.

Your Tour Host, Daniel Cope