Time to take off on this amazing journey with the Guardians of the Galaxy,

Cosmic Rewind at Disney World!

Hey everybody, Disney opened their newest attraction at Epcot a few months ago, known as Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind. This roller coaster is awesome!

First of all, the buildup before the roller coaster is epic as you are beamed from Earth to Zandar on a tourist attraction. And of course, when everything goes wrong, the guardians of the Galaxy rush in to save the day and you’re blasted off on a super smooth roller coaster flying by giant movie screen showing the daring battle between the guardians. An interdimensional being beyond time and notice I did say blasted off. That’s right, Disney has featured their very first reverse launch on this guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind.

I had the privilege of being there on these attractions opening day. The Imagineers that we got to meet were immensely proud of their creation.

So, this summer or fall, let’s get you booked to Disney so you can experience this awesome attraction for yourself.

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Have a great day, Ben Laver