🌎 Heathrow Airport apologizes for travel disruptions

Heathrow has been taking over the international travel headlines lately. They have been having issues with staffing shortages which has lead to issues with baggage and taxiing. Just recently, Heathrow has asked the airlines to cut down on how many flights are coming into the airport but many of them are refusing to comply with the demand (See #3 below). I would still fly into London if you are planning to go, just know there might be delays in getting baggage. Could be hours up to days so maybe just pack some carry-ons if you can on your trip over.

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🌎 Europe’s Travel Recovery Impeded by Airlines’ Failure To Prepare

There has been an unexpected boom in traveling to Europe, but not really since we have all been waiting in our homes long enough and ready to travel, and they where not ready for the increase in traffic. Many of the airlines and airports are under staffed (which is a problem in the US as well) and they have cut flights down from the pandemic and not adding as many back, fast enough. This headline may sound gloomy but still take your trip if you are ready, you just may have to be a little more patient.

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🌎 Heathrow caps passengers, tells airlines to stop selling summer tickets

Heathrow is way behind on the travel demand and is trying to catch up and take a breath from all the issues they have been having. They are trying to keep passenger count to around 100,000 a day but right now the airlines are bringing in around 104,000. Four thousand passengers might not seem like a lot compared to 100,000 but those extra four to five thousand passengers is putting the airport over the edge it seems.

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🏰 The Top Highlights Onboard the Brand New Disney Wish Cruise Ship

The Disney Wish Cruise Ship is a state-of-the-art cruise ship that you will want to see for yourself! (As always, if interested in booking a cabin, click here, we would love to help you out.) Ship is powered by liquified natural gas, state of the art technology and story telling. Disney has 1st class service so you won’t be disappointed.

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🏰 Where’s My Car? New App Feature Coming to Disney Parks

Disney has a brand new app that will make finding your car a lot easier at Disney World. If you live near Disney, in Florida or rent a car to get to the resorts, you are now in luck to help find your car. I am sure, you have wondered where you parked just coming out of the grocery let alone, one of the biggest theme parks in the world. Now, you have an app to help you locate where you parked your car so no more worries about wondering around the parking lot after a long fun day.

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🏰 Disney Cruise Line Named World’s Best by Travel + Leisure Readers

Travel and Leisure do big surveys every year on the travel industry and for the 4th year in a row, Disney Cruise Line is named #1! Time to experience a world class cruise to the Caribbean! (Click here to let us help you out)

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🛳 Norwegian Sun to resume Alaska cruises on July 14

Norwegian might of hit a small iceberg in Alaska in June but they are back and ready to go! Don’t be frightened by this hit with an iceberg. These sorts of things do happen on these big cruise ships and with nature. If you haven’t done an Alaskan cruise yet, then let’s get one booked for next year!

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🛳 New charter-only river cruise line plans 2024 launch with Transcend Cruises

We love nothing more in Europe then to do a River Cruise! We are excited for a new way to travel the rivers with a more business to business cruise company. These cruises will be focused for more business meetings or work events. This would be the best work meeting ever!

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🛳 Princess Cruises Marks Year-Round Sailings from Los Angeles

Princess is now running all year long from Las Angles, California. The cruises focus mainly focusing on Mexico, Hawaii, and the Coasts of California. Be a truly neat experience that would be a good change from sailing in the Caribbean. Reach out to us if you have any questions on sailing out of California or if you are looking to book a trip!

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🇺🇸 Canada Extends Pandemic-Related Entry Requirements Through September 30

All travelers entering Canada are still required to provide proof of full vaccination or take a recent negative COVID-19 test, as well as, quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. You will also have to download a certain app to upload your information to as well for customs. If you are going to be traveling to Canada soon or are thinking about it, please send us an email or give us a call and we can help you through this process. A great benefit of having a travel advisor at your side!

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🇺🇸 Tour company launches gondolas on Waikiki’s ‘Grand Canal’

Hawaii Wow Tours, family owned and operated, has launched an amazing experience in Waikiki with gondolas. You will be taking rides down the canals and with only have 4 guests max, it is a truly personal tour and unique way to see Waikiki.

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🇺🇸 Tesla transportation tunnel station opens at Resorts World in Las Vegas

The underground tunnel is up and running around the Las Vegas convention center. You will be able to hop into a Tesla car and get taken to the convention from select resorts around Vegas. This is a truly unique experience and they are looking to grow this service as well by adding many more miles of tunnels under the Las Vegas strip.

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