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I recently had a day to myself in Buffalo and decided to stop and knock an item off my bucket list by checking out a Frank Lloyd Wright house. I highly recommend taking a few hours out of your day and take a tour of the house. You are only allowed to take pictures of the outside of the home but not the interior. The house is beautiful on the outside but even more stunning on the interior. The minimalist design with the built-ins, barrel style chairs, hidden bookcases, blurred corners, the different ceiling elevations, custom glass windows and so much more!

The Martin House Complex in Buffalo, New York, is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most significant architectural works. It was designed by Wright for wealthy businessman Darwin D. Martin and his family and constructed between 1903 and 1905. The complex consists of multiple interconnected buildings, including the main Martin House, a pergola, a conservatory, a carriage house, and a gardener’s cottage.

The Martin House has a very interesting and colorful history:

Darwin D. Martin was a successful businessman and an executive of the Larkin Soap Company, a prominent mail-order soap manufacturer. He commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design a residence for him and his family, as well as several other structures on the property.

Wright designed the Martin House in his signature Prairie School architectural style, characterized by its low, horizontal lines, overhanging eaves, and integration with the natural surroundings. Construction of the complex began in 1903 and was completed in 1905. The Martin’s lived in the house for 32 years.

In 1986, the Martin House was designated a National Historic Landmark in recognition of its architectural importance. The Martin House Restoration Corporation was established to oversee the preservation and restoration efforts.

The Martin House fell into disrepair over the decades, and several of the original structures were demolished. However, efforts to restore the complex began in the mid-20th century, and significant restoration work has been ongoing since then to bring the buildings back to their original glory.

In 2009, a new visitor center designed by the architecture firm Toshiko Mori was added to the site, providing facilities for visitors and additional exhibition space.

Today, the Martin House Complex stands as one of the finest examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School architecture and remains a popular destination for architecture enthusiasts and tourists alike. It serves as a tribute to Wright’s innovative design principles and his enduring legacy in American architecture.

A must see stop in west New York!

Your Tour Host, Daniel Cope