Hi everyone, Daniel Cope here with Extraordinary World Travels. I am back again today for another quick FAQ.

A big question I get when I travel is where is your favorite seat on the airplane?

Now I’m kind of different than most because I do like going towards the back of the airplane. Usually when you’re getting on, if I don’t have an assigned seat then I’ll go back of the plane. Usually there’s more space back there, but also the airplane sits down just a little bit in the sky. I do get air sick at times so, I found that sitting in the back of the airplane is a little better for me. Most people really like the front so they can get on and off quick. But leave that for the business flyers who are rushing to get off for meetings and have no luggage. To run off and get off the airplane right away, does not make a difference if you have luggage. We’re all there at the same time waiting for the luggage to get unloaded off the airplane.

The big debate is which seat do you choose on the airplane; do you sit in the aisle, middle or window seat. The middle seat. I don’t know who likes the middle seat but if you do, please leave a message on the comments in Youtube. I will find it very interesting. I would love to hear why you love the middle seat so much, but I have flown the middle seat for 13 hours to Japan and back. One way trips each time because I bought my tickets last minute. And they were really cheap, but I would never want to do that again.

A lot of people will choose the aisle, which is you’ve get a lot more legroom. It’s a little more open, you can put your foot out in the aisle, or you can get you a little more elbow room on the outside. If you go to the bathroom a lot or want to get up and down the stretch your legs. So, a lot of people like the middle seat and I don’t mind it but I’ll choose it secondary.

My favorite is the window seat on the airplane. As much as I travel, there’s still nothing better but open up that window looking out and seeing the world from the bird’s eye view. Even if you’re above the clouds, all you see is clouds. It is is beautiful and gives you a sense of freedom of travel. Keep the window down a little bit if somebody’s trying to sleep. But if the sun’s coming directly in, I won’t keep it up the whole time. Seeing all the landmarks from the air where you can see stadiums, racetracks or major landmarks is really neat. Especially if you’re flying into New York City you will get to see the Statue of Liberty. You can always use the window to use as a pillow and fall asleep.

So, I’m curious what you all prefer when sitting on the airplane. We’ll see what people prefer window, middle seat or the aisle along with being in the front or back of the plane.

I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know any questions you all might have that I can answer for everyone. Thanks, Daniel Cope