MSC Meraviglia Cruise – Interior Cabin Tour

w/ Ben Laver of Live Now Vacations

Hey everybody, let’s take a tour of our interior cabin aboard the MSC Maraviglia.

Now because interiors don’t have the ocean view of the ocean view or balcony cabins, they do come in at a slightly lower price point, but besides that, they have all the same amenities as those cabins. So you’re going to get a high quality cruise vacation at a slightly lower point if you want to save a bit of money.

Now this cabin has the queen bed, but if you want to split it into two twins, you can request that from your housekeeping staff. We also have the two pull down beds in case you have extra travelers in that cabin with you.

Now you can see the closet space and we’ll pan over to see our cabin phone, vanity mirror, and the TV for all of your getting ready. And entertainment needs inside your interior cabin. Now we’ll open up and you can see the closet space with the safe for all your valuables as well as drawer and hangar space and move over here.

Now you can see the interiors climate control module for every cabin as well as the do not disturb and please make up the room switches for your housekeeping staff.

The bathroom has a beautiful stand-up shower and a toilet sink storage for everything that you might need in the bathroom of your interior cabin.

Very high quality from MSC!

If you want to get out here on a cruise vacation with MSC Cruises or any other cruise line, give us a call at 317-838-9741 or go to We will get you booked. Have a fantastic day!